Monday, November 30, 2009

Geragama Tea Factory

Geragama Tea Factory: Tea Room and Shop
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Our final stop was to the factory tea room and shop, where we were served a welcomed cup of tea.
We could also purchase the various types of tea produced by the Geragama factory.

Golden Tips and Silver Tips are the creme de la creme of the tea world, and naturally the most expensive at Rp32000* and Rp22000 respectively for 1 kg, or we could buy 50g packets for Rp1600 and Rp1100.

Other teas produced by the factory are green tea, the very fragrant orange pekoe and flowery pekoe, BOP and BOPF. BOP is best drunk without milk and BOPF with milk.

I bought some BOPF for the folks at home, as I found the prices at the factory to be very reasonable for high grade tea.

* at time of trip, USD 1 = Rp100 approx

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