Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Argentina - Iguazu Falls (7) – Devils Throat

Iguazu Falls – Devils Throat
Iguazu National Park
Apr 2012

Devil’s Throat

Let your soul be satisfied
with the strange beauty of this landscape
that though you have searched the world in your travels
you can never find anything such as this

Good and evil, dynamic and changing
find it here. From its name.
Keep in your heart, humble man
this constant truthful message

Meditate and feel the deep emotion
contemplating the vibrant paroxysm
that the eternal mist surrounds

And do not try to describe it with your voice
Just lean your forehead against the abyss
that is the mirror of the word, God

~ translated from Gaganta del Diablo,
 a poem by Alfonso Ricciutto, which was inspired by the Devil’s Throat, Iguazu Falls. ~

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